Welcome to the breed of the CHAMPIONS

Over several uniquely generated KUCKOO TPGNFT on Pi Blockchain
with various traits and stats for you to collect and breed. 

Bring the KUCKOOS to TPG MetaVerse 

Owning a TPGNFT grants you exclusive access to TPG Ecosystem Club.
We're building a sustainable community for NFT enthusiasts on TPG Ecosystem,
the cyptocurrency utility support for the people.

Specifications & Rarities

Over 220 different ​qualities are used to create each TPGNFT. Each attribute has its own rarity, allowing you the opportunity to own a genuinely one-of-a-kind Kuckoo breed.

Your TPGNFT Kuckoo is completely yours. Display it in any way you want.

Kuckoo collectors can buy and sell safely on our exclusive marketplace.

Be a part of the TPGNFT community on the Pi Blockchain.